Finding Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Do you automatically buy too much insurance? Have you tried to compare car insurance quotes? Say you do not own anything and are digging through student debt. You are lucky enough to have a car and only bought it because car sharing is not going to work out cost-effectively for your commuting situation. A lot of people buy too much insurance. They buy as if they have to protect the savings and financial resources of Bill Gates.

The caveat is this. You might be judgment proof today, but your future earnings may put a target on your back if you are a law student headed for corporate law firms making six figures, for instance.

Find the middle ground when purchasing the bodily injury liability and property liability portions of your vehicle insurance policies. Liability include injuries or property damage you cause. In some states they have no-fault laws; meaning, if they are involved in the accident the insurance pays out according to need. Those states often have personal injury protection or PIP in place.

The other consideration is accidents these days are costly. Have you seen the price tag on a new Honda recently? Then you know that the BMW and Mercedes you just hit are a hefty sock to the wallet.

Outsmarting Yourself With Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes
If you are young, beware people who have all the answers. Sometimes they are wise and being insistent because they want to keep you from making the same mistake they made. Other times, it is not good for all advice.

For instance, if a tree falls on your 15-year old car with a $2500 value, listen up. If the tress hits the hood, scrapes the paint, and break the front lamp, is it better to have the car insured or not? Put it this way, if you skip insurance, you have no car to sell to get $2500 cash, but now you need $2,000 to fix the car. Insurance for $50 and a $500 is definitely worth it with cheap auto insurance quotes.