AntiSocialMedia: Hedge Funds and the Global Economic Meltdown

Over at, there is some interesting reading on the causes of our current market meltdown. Mixed into this are examples on how our Web 2.0 world is full of manipulation. I first saw this post and thispresentation that talked about naked shorting but finishes with an example of how a reporter and book author uses Wikipedia and other sites to push his book while also doing a favor for those using naked shorting in their investing.

You can also check out other sites related to the naked short play here:

Spend 25 minutes and learn something about the manipulation in the markets by watching the video below. Where is the real reporting on naked shorting?

One wonders if CNBC was about to blow this wide open when someone went out and placed June puts at $2.50 on GE (see this) as a warning shot across the bow to stop any reporting on this. Hmm.